Meet playful Eric – a bright bundle of joy

Today Eric is a confident, cheeky and adorable young rescue dog who now only knows love and happiness.

It was not always so and his story is typical of why so many supporters of Animal Friends of Turkey do so much to help the poor abused and abandoned dogs found over there.

Eric is only a pup but in his short life he has already known severe cruelty.

He was used as a human football, rolled, kicked and stamped upon, when he wouldn’t roll anymore through his injuries and pain they threw him in a bin where he was found…….

It has taken Eric a long time to recover. The torture and abuse he endured left him mentally scarred, but with abundance of love and care from his wonderful foster carers Sue and Mike Cato in Turkey he has turned the corner.  His wonderful character and beautiful heart shines now for all to see.

He is a bundle of energy, highly intelligent, playful and an enormous amount of fun.  He loves nothing better than to chase a ball. The photographs don’t do them justice but he also has the most spectacular eyes.

Eric was very wary with strangers at first and used to bark continually when they were around

In his early weeks of recovery he was extremely wary of strangers.  He was never aggressive but he had the habit of barking constantly when strangers are around.


Gradually over the weeks and early months he is beginning to learn that not all humans are cruel. He is slowly becoming more used to seeing strangers and is beginning to relax a lot more around them.

With love and care he has become more confident and is a playful young fella

With love, one-to-one attention and little training he will be a pet in a million.


ERIC will be ready to travel to the UK in late 2018, and we are delighted to have secured his forever home with a  lovely owner who has rescued a Turkish street dog previously.


Eric is now enjoying life with his new family in the UK.