This rescue pup so deserves a new happy home

You would not know it to see her now but little rescue dog Daisie had very hard start to life.

Daisie is now living a new life with a new family in the UK.

She originally joined one faimily with young children but that did not quite work out.

The first four months went fine and Daisie proved herself to be a loving and adorable young pup.

Daisie loves a belly rub and a face massage

However after a couple of issues within the family involving the youngest child, a decision was reluctantly made to find a new home for her.

We have since found her a home that is more suited to her.

Daisie is one year old now and is a lovely dog. She is loving, playful and she loves nothing better than having her belly being rubbed and face massaged.

She loves her walks and hiding in the long grass. She is both dog and cat friendly and can live with children 12 years and above.

She can be a bit wary when first meeting new people and is still quite timid at times, but once she learns to trust you, her personality shines.

She is now almost fully grown and like any young pup she is full of fun and energy.

She loves being part of a family and we are hoping she can experience all of this again.

The first anyone heard of this young pup was just over a year ago when two of our most experienced foster carers were asked if they could collect her after she had been left at the vets.

Husband and wife Yvonne and Keith, who also do a great deal of work for the local animal street charity in Turkey, arrived to find a very frightened little girl.

They were asked if they minded delivering her to a home where another puppy was, as a local home had been found for both puppies.

Daisie loves her cuddles

They collected the tiny whimpering pup from the vets and made their way to the house.

On the way the little pup was so terrified that she weed herself while Keith had hold of her.  She clung to him all the way.

When Yvonne and Keith arrived at the house they found the puppy that was already there was very ill.

They insisted that the poorly puppy be taken to the vets for a check-up, and at the same time they learned that the potential local Turkish home for both pups had fallen through.

Unfortunately, this is something that we find happens only too often.

Daisie is a playful girl

Now there was nowhere for the pup to go.

The home had fallen through, she could not stay at the house where the poorly pup had been in case of contagious disease, and so Yvonne and Keith offered to look after her temporarily for the street charity.

They found out three days later that the sick puppy had died from Parvo.

Keith felt as he had been the one ‘christened’ by her he should be permitted to choose her name, so she became Daisie the little superstar.

AFOT got to learn about Daisie shortly afterwards on a visit by one of the Team to see the AFOT dogs in foster with Yvonne and Keith.

Yvonne and Keith did a wonderful job with this girl when she was a pup

This poor small puppy was clearly still scared and frightened.  It was not clear what the future held for her, and her life so far had not been great.

AFOT decided to offer a lifeline to Daisie, a young pup 10 weeks old with her whole life ahead of her.  We believed she deserved a chance of happiness and we knew what a difference to her life we could bring for her.

Daisie loves her home comforts

So we have set about the task of finding this rescue dog a new forever adoption home.

She has grown into a proper cheeky monkey and she responds well to receiving the proper love and care, good food and proper walks.

If you feel you could be that special someone to take on one of our dogs then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs then please click this link to read our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines

A home check and adoption fee will apply as with all our dogs.

Maisie 1
All this rescue dog needed was some proper TLC