Boss has found love and comfort in the UK

Boss was one of four pups found cowering in the shelter before being rescued by AFOT. He has made it to the UK and a new loving home. Here is his original story

Boss is one of four little darlings found with their mother and two siblings struggling to survive on the streets of a remote Turkish village.

The seven of them were in terrible condition when animal welfare volunteers found them and took them to the safety of the shelter.

They had survived by scavenging amongst the dustbins of the village and drinking from dirty water, and it showed.

Boss in his new home in the UK

Their bellies were full of worms, they were flea ridden, emaciated and absolutely terrified.

The shelter was no place for them as they were too young to have the vaccinations needed to help keep them safe.

Male pup Boss is the clan leader and tis settling well in foster care

It was then that they came to the attention of Animal Friends of Turkey and we were happy to step in to help.

When we first saw them it was immediately obvious that these young pups were total strangers to the kindness of humans.

They were extremely timid and spent most of their time cowering under kennels when people came near.

They were removed from the shelter and went straight into foster care where the job of getting them house trained and used to people began.

Fortunately a new home was found for the Mum and two of the pups leaving four of the puppies with new homes to find.

Happily we have been successful in finding homes for their rescued siblings Boncuk and Pecan but now we are looking for the same happiness for Boss and Pecan.

Boncuk and Pecan were extremely close and we have been fortunate to find a home where they can stay together.

We are now looking to find a new home for Boss as well as Findik although we are not necessarily looking to home them together.

Findik and Boss enjoy a peaceful bit of rest

Boss is a male and the definite leader of the clan whileFindik is a gorgeous and lovable female.

By October 2019 they had reached the age of five months and we are expecting them to be ready to travel to the UK in the early part of 2020. They will only be around seven to eight months old then.

The pair have thrived thrived in foster care where they were certainly very mischievous in the early days with the odd bed chewed up and the odd hole dug in the garden.

However, they have settled and are slowly learning the rules that come with living in a house with a family.

Boss in the middle of the chair with two of his siblings getting comfy

They still carry some of the learning that they took in their early life living as feral dogs on the streets.

Findik has given herself the job of being the house guardian, barking whenever she hears someone approaching.

They can still be a little shy when first meeting new people but it now takes very little to coax them out.

They are both very affectionate and playful and will happily follow their foster mum around the home.

They are starting to trust and that will only grow along with their confidence in the right home and in the right hands.

Whoever takes them in will need to have an abundance of patience as it will take them time to adjust to a new family, and will take them time to learn to trust.

Fortunately they are still very young and so they are just the right age to learn through care and training.

The rewards that await those prepared to put in the work are enormous as these four will surely blossom and grow in confidence, and in turn they will return that love and affection in spades.

After all, that is just what dogs do.

Boss (foreground) with Boncuk together in the shelter

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