Mum Kyra rescued with her pups from a life of abject misery

Kyra is a sweet girl who suffered a cruel past and eventually rejection before she came into AFOT care. Today she is a happy girl with a transformed life living in Cardiff with people who love her. This is her original story …

Kyra had a miserable life kept as she was on a short chain in a garden for pretty much 24 hours and seven days a week.

Her Turkish owner had no interest in her and her plight became even more trying when she fell pregnant.

Her plight had been spotted by an eagle eyed and concerned Turkish neighbour who alerted local animal welfare volunteers to what was going on.

Unfortunately, though, because Kyra was owned there was little they could do and they had to stand by and watch as often she was often left out there without access to food or water.

Kyra is such a loving and gentle girl

The day came when Kyra managed to give birth to four pups and it was then that her reluctant owner had decided he had had enough.

He announced he was taking Kyra and all four pups off to the shelter.

The kind-hearted neighbour then stepped in and offered to take Kyra and her four babies in herself.

She kept them safe and with the help of the volunteers went about the task of finding homes for all five of them.

They managed to find good homes for two of the pups but unfortunately not for Kyra or the two others.

Sad Kyra as she was chained up in the garden

It was then that Animal Friends of Turkey was approached to help find homes for the remaining three and we were happy to help.

We estimate that Kyra is just over three years old and she has the sunniest and most lovely of natures despite the misery of her past.

She has come to us already neutered and vaccinated and she has already been moved into our foster care network.

She arrived in her new foster home to meet the resident cats there and Kyra soon showed her maternal instincts and she absolutely adores them.

In fact Kyra has quickly taken to mothering her new feline housemates and she is looking after them so gently.

Kyra with one of her pups

She is safe now and is receiving loving care and attention for the first time, and boy is she loving it.

Kyra is dog friendly but she would also be fine as the only dog within the home. Considering what she has been through her loving and gentle nature is amazing to behold.

It is almost as if she is so grateful for the care and love she is now receiving.

This wonderful girl is going to become a wonderful and loyal friend for someone out there and someone is going to win the doggy lottery with this one.

Work is already underway to prepare her so she make the journey later this Summer to the UK for her own chance of happiness.

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