Big boy Kitmeet is loving life in his new forever home

Kitmeer – or Krem as he was for the many months he was in AFOT care – had a long journey from the streets to his forever home in Liverpool. Here is his original story:

This lovable affectionate lad has already made it across into foster care in the UK while he waits for his dream home.

This big boy is as soft as butter and has come so far since the day we rescued him from a life sentence in a shelter in Turkey.

There is every chance that regular visitors to the blissful Turkish resort of Çaliş Beach will already know all about this gentle boy.

Krem is so good on the lead and is lapping up the English countryside

Krem is notable as a Kangol-cross, the famous Turkish breed of shepherd dog renowned for their intelligence and gentle, faithful loyalty.

For five years this timid boy became something of a fixture along the main Çaliş seafront and a popular local celebrity much loved by the thousands of tourists who flock there.

Not all dogs learn to cope with life on the streets but Krem managed to eek out a happy enough existence even surviving the quieter winter months.

Krem is a handsome boy and a fine example of the lovable Kangol-cross breed

He was a regular along the front in the evenings as tourists flocked to the restaurants to catch the stunning sight of the setting sun across the bay.

If you had a juicy steak on your plate there was a fair chance that you would see Krem at your side gazing up at you with melting eyes.

He managed to survive well thanks to the kind help of the Çaliş Beach front restaurants and the generosity of strangers.

Krem patrolling his new garden in the south of England

But then life for the lovely Krem changed drastically last year when locals who wanted rid of the street dogs in that area began to lay poison traps.

When one of his close pack friends was killed volunteers stepped in to take Krem away from the danger and to move him to a new area.

Locals there weren’t happy about the new arrivals and after complaints to local authorities, Krem was scooped up and carted him off to the shelter.

Krem was spotted there by animal volunteers who keep a close eye on the shelters and they recognised that the shelter was no place for this boy.

Krem is a dream companion on his walks and well behaved on his lead

They immediately contacted Animal Friends of Turkey to ask for our help and we quickly arranged to take him into our foster care network over there.

Once he settled there he began to love his new routines and to enjoy his walks with his foster carers. He also got on famously with the other dogs there.

During lockdown we took the decision to move him to the UK and into the home a new foster care volunteer where he is now loving the new life in the UK climate.

Krem just loves his fuss and this big softie will take any amount of it

He loves to roll in the soft green grass, relishing all the new smells and he is lapping his long walks in the English countryside.

He is so good on the lead and great when he meets other dogs and he is also enjoying the comforts of his new home and his sofa.

His foster carers no sooner sit down when they can guarantee they will soon have his great soft head plonked in their laps and his big soppy eyes looking up at them.

Krem soon made himself comfortable on the sofa in his new foster home

He loves his fuss and attention and while he is great with other dogs, we think this might suggest he would love to be an only dog in a home where he can get more attention.

He has yet to be fully tested with small children so in view of his size we are not recommending him for a household with children under the age of 13.

He moved to the UK after lockdown and has settled really well into his new foster home despite the fact that their resident dog is not so keen on having a new dog in the house.

The rewards for the person who takes him will be the oodles of love and affection he will give back in return.

He is fine with cats but is more likely to ignore them rather than attempt to become friends with them.

Krem as many will remember him on Çaliş Beach seafront

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