Brutus is so happy now he’s a rescue dog

Brutus is such a special boy who needed and deserved such a special home. Happily he has found it and is now living a wonderful like in the gorgeous countryside of rural Suffolk. Here is his original story …

Big boy Brutus has had a miserable life so far but you would not know it to look at his demeanour.

Brutus spent his first 4-5 years living in the East Turkey town of Nidge, notorious for the appalling way the residents there treat the street dogs.

We get regular calls to rescue dogs in peril from that area.

Brutus on his way to go into AFOT foster care

Brutus was found by an animal welfare volunteer who lives in the area and he was in a terrible state.

He was skin and bone and he was so under-nourished he could hardly move.

The volunteer took him straight to the vet to be examined and this gentle lad offered no resistance to being poked and pulled about.

Brutus is a loving boy who adores his walks

He was covered in fleas and his coat was matted, and flea comb pulled as they tried to clean him up.

The response from Brutus was the biggest wag of a tail you have ever seen as it was clear he was just thrilled to find someone who was trying to care for him.

The volunteer contacted Animal Friends of Turkey and, of course, we did not hesitate in bringing him into our foster network in Fethiye.

Big boy Brutus is a loving and gentle chap who just needs some TLC

He is already putting his weight back on and we estimated he will be a good 50kg when he is back to full strength.

He is loving life in the home and is getting on great with the other dogs there.

He obviously has some of the famous Turkish shepherd dog Kangal breed in him which is probably where he gets his gentle nature from.

You cannot ask for a more loyal and gentle giant than a Kangal, which is probably why they are so popular.

Brutus is waiting for that special person who will give him the love he needs

Brutus loves going for walks on the lead and enjoys his cuddles and affection. He is also good in the car.

He is now going through the process of being made ready for his journey to the UK and we expect him to be ready to travel at some point early in 2021.

We have yet to test him with children and cats but we are hopeful this will be fine given the gentleness of his temperament.

Brutus on a visit to the vet

So if you feel you could be that very special someone who can give Brutus the loving care he needs then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs then please click this link to read our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines

A home check is always made and while there is no adoption fee required, we do ask for a donation with all our dogs to help towards our costs.

If you want to register your interest in Brutus or are interested in providing a loving home for one of our rescue dogs in general then please complete and submit our Dog Adoption Registration form. 

Brutus is a big boy who will end up being around 50kg in weight