Young pup Eli has grown into a big and gentle boy

Eli is one of five young pups rescued from a village of hate and is now living a wonderful life in his new forever home in East Yorkshire. Here is his original story:

Eli is still quite small but make no mistake he is going to grow into a gentle and loving giant.

Eli was rescued from a perilous situation with his Mum and siblings before finding himself in the comfort of an AFOT foster home.

He and his siblings clearly have some Anatolian shepherd dog in their breeding and so he is certain to grow into a very big boy.

Eli with one of his housemates in his early days in foster care

Since he has been in foster care he has been thriving and showing just what a gem of dog he is.

He has a lovely and loving nature and is so laid back.

He loves the other dogs and he has made one of the resident cats his special friend. He even lets the cat eat with him from his bowl.

Eli with his feline best mate

He gets on well with cats in general, which is luck as there are 40 of them in the foster home along with seven dogs.

He is so respectful of his feline housemates and will refuse to go past them on the stairs if they are sitting there.

He is still very young but already he has learned to sit to command and he is a joy to have around the house.

Eli settling down after bath time for babies

He is now being made ready for travel to the UK later this year when we expect him to be approaching a year old.

Eli was one of five pups being hounded out of a remote village with their mum because they were regarded as dirty and vermin.

Eli loves playing with the other dogs in foster care as well

The five were found in terrible straits with their brave mother Ava who was doing everything she could to protect them.

Dogs in the East Turkish town where they were found are often snatched and dumped high up in the mountains where they have next to no chance of surviving.

Others are stoned and persecuted and it is not uncommon to find dogs who have been poisoned.

Eli is happy now and loving the home comforts away from his cruel past

This is the world that Eli and his siblings had come into and it was very scary indeed.

Luckily for Ava and her pups they were found by a woman who does amazing work over there to protect the dogs despite being shouted at by the locals.

Canine angel Ozgul works tirelessly as an animal welfare volunteer over there and she regularly reaches out to Animal Friends of Turkey if she has an urgent case that needs our help.

She managed to sneak Mum and pups into her garden without anyone seeing her but it was obvious they could not stay there.

Eli is going to grow into a big boy due to his Anatolian shepherd dog ancestry

She contacted us and within days we had all six of them transported out of there and brought the 700-kilometres west to go into our foster care network in Fethiye.

Eli and family were all found starving and in poor condition when they were found.

Happily he, his Mum and his siblings are now all now doing really well being cared for in their new homes.

Eli is such a gentle and loving boy

We are now trying to find homes for all five pups and Mum and we do not think we will have too much trouble because they are adorable.

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Eli is a happy boy in his foster home