Lucky girl Poppy rescued by her guardian angels

Poppy has her guardian angels who spotted her in distress by the side of the road to thank for the gloriously happy life she has now at a wonderful new home in North East of England. Here is her original story:

Poppy is the luckiest of girls and she is hoping that good fortune will now lead to the forever home of her dreams.

Poppy was dumped by the side of the busy D400 road at the tender age of just eight weeks.

Luckily for her she was spotted by an ex-pat couple who were horrified to find her dumped so close to where so much traffic thunders by.

Poppy with her guardian angels Sue and Tom who rescued her from the side of a busy road

She was covered in fleas and ticks and she was badly malnourished.

The couple took her to their home in Kalkan where with the help of the vet they sorted her out.

That was at the beginning of lockdown and she has been with them ever since.

Poppy is a happy girl and will brighten up any home

Unfortunately they are not in a position to keep her and they certainly would not dream of abandoning her to the shelter or the street. Poppy is a domesticated girl now.

And so they approached Animal Friends of Turkey to ask our help in finding the right home and the right match for this sweet girl in the UK.

Poppy is a bright and clever girl who will respond well to training

They have already sorted many of her vaccinations and so she is getting close to being ready to make her journey to the UK.

They have also kindly offered to continue to support her financially to get her to her new forever home. She is a lucky girl indeed to have found these two.

Poppy is full of fun, mischief and has bags of energy. She has been a joy to look after.

She will need a home where she can get lots of exercise and good walks, and ideally a good sized garden where she can run.

Poppy is a playful girl who is great around the house

We believe she is a Saluki/Border Collie cross and she has a little more growing to do.

We think she will be around nine months old by the time she makes her trip to the UK.

Who’s a pretty girl – Poppy is

She has been create trained and she likes to use this as her den or safe place for resting.

She is still a young pup and can get very excited around new people, and she will need help in learning not to jump up.

She has yet to be tested with very young children but she is great around people in general and around other dogs. We have yet to test her with cats.

Gorgeous Poppy is thought to be a Saluki/Border Collie cross

She needs work on her recall but she is a very intelligent girl and should be receptive to training in the right hands.

She loves playing and loves games. She has a strong prey drive and will want to chase anything that moves whether that be leaves, flies, butterflies, birds or crabs.

At the moment she is kept on her long lead and that is how she will need to stay until she gets the proper training on impluse control. Many of us have been there.

It’s a hard life all this playing and resting

She loves snuggles and belly rubs but she is quite an independent girl and is often happy to just rest close to you.

She sleeps well and is great in the house – an ideal dog for the right home and the right people.

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