Sociable boy now bouncing after botched operation to mend his leg

Patch has known pain and hardship in his life but no longer. This little scamp is now living the life of his dreams in his new forever home in Sunderland. Here is his original story …

Patch gets to meet his new family in Sunderland

Patch is a Jack Russell cross and a lovable character who just adores people.

Sit down for a second and you can bet that Patch will be up there at your side offering to warm your lap.

Patch is three years old and for a long time he was a regular feature in and around the famous Winehouse bar and restuarant in the village of Uzumlu above Fethiye.

He was a street dog but he often came into the bar and settled himself down on the chairs to be petted by locals and tourists.

Patch is a cute playful boy typical of the Jack Russell breed

All was fine until one day he went out on to the road and had his back leg broken after being hit by a car.

He was taken to a vet by the active group of animal volunteers in the village and a pin was put in it to help it heal.

This did not work and so a second pin had to be fitted in an attempt to get the bone to stitch and heal.

This took a lot longer than usual and eventually they realised that he had got an infection.

Patch wearing his cone after the operation to place a plate in his leg

A second vet had a look at him and decided to run an x-ray which revealed a further problem.

The bone would not heal because there was still an instrument left in the leg from the earlier operations that was preventing the bones from healing.

The remedy now was the insertion of a plate which he will have for the rest of his life.

Patch loves other dogs and would love a playmate

The plate has worked well and the bone has healed up fully, and he is now running and jumping around like only a Jack Russell can.

The only hangover of all of that is that his back leg is now ever so slightly shorter than his other legs so he walks with a slight limp.

He is no longer in any pain and it is clear that he pays no bother at all to his leg.

Patch having a cuddle with one of the other dogs in foster care

He is crate trained and and he prefers to sleep in a crate at night.

Patch is very socialable with other dogs, although is more confident with smaller dogs his own size.

He is neutered and vaccinated and is going through the final steps to make him ready for travel to the UK.

He is house trained and walks well on a lead.

Patch loves a cuddle and will always offer to join you on the sofa

He ignores cats when he sees them but appears to only tolerate them so we will be looking for a cat free home.

Patch would benefit from being in a home with another small dog as a playmate to help keep his active mind and body busy.

The extended period of pain he suffered with his leg has made him wary of people getting too close to it.

Patch with another of his buddies outside his foster home

He takes a little while to trust new people but once he does then he becomes the most lovable, funny and playful companion you could ever wish to meet.

We are looking for an owner with time, patience and a real soft, loving approach to bring out the best in this joy of a dog.

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Patch will soon lose his street dog ear tag