Pup rescued from loveless home now has a happy future in the UK

Little Johnny knows what is like to be shunned but happily that is a long distant memory as he has found the home of his dreams in Scotland. Here is his original story ….

Little Johnny was just a tiny pup when he was given as a gift to a Turkish family.

The gift came from a local firm of contractors after they accidentally ran over and killed the family dog Topsy.

Johnny arrives at his new forever home in the UK

Whether it was because he came from the people who killed their pet or simply because they didn’t deem him pretty enough, the painful truth was that the family never really wanted him.

Johnny is loving and affectionate boy who wants someone to love

He was never allowed in the house and was kept tied up outside at all times in the back yard.

He received no decent food and had to survive on scraps of bread and water.

Not surprisingly he quickly learned how to chew through his ropes as he made several attempts to escape.

Johnny is loving life in the house with soft beds and friends to play with

He had no shelter and so when it rained the poor mite got soaked.

In the meantime, the family had got themselves another fluffy white puppy that they took into their home and their hearts.

Poor Johnny was left on the outside to fend for himself without the love, care and attention he deserved and needed.

Johnny is an extremely bright boy who loves to play

This was his life for nearly two years until one day they just turfed him out telling neighbours that if they saw him again they would take their gun to him.

Living nearby and a witness to all this was an ex-pat animal lover who was appalled by what she had seen.

When the family threw him out she decided to take Johnny into her home to keep him safe despite the fact she already had dogs of her own.

Johnny deserve his chance of happiness in the UK

Throughout all this time Johnny was a sweet, loving boy who merely craved some attention and affection. He remains that same sweet boy today.

The kind Samaritan is not in a position to keep him but she was determined to find a way of helping him.

And so she came to Animal Friends of Turkey to ask for our help, and we gladly obliged.

Johnny’s story is depressingly familiar and we firmly believe we can help Johnny secure the happy ever after future he truly deserves.

His kind rescuer has agreed to keep him on foster until such time that we can get him prepared for travel to a new home in the UK.

Johnny with a friend in his foster home

Johnny is a very loyal and loving boy. He is coming up to three years old.

He is remarkably sharp and is already picking up things quickly in foster care.

He often only needs to be told once and he is eager to please and respond. He appears to be lapping up the fact that he now has people around him who are giving him time, love and attention.

He is also getting some decent food for the first time and a home with shelter and warm beds. He is great with cats and we will attempt to test him children but there is nothing so far to suggest this will be a problem for this bright boy.

Johnny a sweet young fella

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