Rescue pup abandoned twice in her short life has her happy ever after

Zella is now living a happy fulfilled life with her new family in the UK. This is her original story:

Little Zella is a poppet of a rescue dog who unfortunately knows only too well the pain of being abandoned.

She is not quite one-years old and already two people have turned their backs on through no fault of her own.

Her mother Holly had only just had her first litter when their owner decided to up sticks and move back to England leaving them behind.

Zella is blossoming in confidence with each passing day and is loving her walks

The dogs had no home but fortunately one of our AFOT team members in Turkey stepped in to find Holly and her babies foster homes.

She found homes for most of them in Turkey and she thought she had managed the same for Zella when a man in the UK responded to say he would adopt her.

On the basis of this our team member went ahead in ensuring that Zella had all the required vaccinations and tests needed to enable her travel.

Zella is getting some much needed TLC in AFOT foster care

However, as things moved towards the date for travel the man suddenly went quiet and began to ignore all messages. He had obviously changed his mind.

He is still to respond and he has also failed to reimburse the cost of the veterinary services as he had promised to do.

This now left Zella on her own and in desperate need of a new home – someone who will not let her down this time.

Zella as a pup when she first came to us

This is why AFOT have decided to step in to try to find Zella the home and happiness she deserves.

Zella is the more timid of the litter but she is now starting to blossom in foster care where she is getting much needed TLC on a one-to-one basis.

She is loving her walks and is now happy to go off lead with good recall.

Zella has a lovely temperament and would suit either being in a home as the only dog or with one other calm, small to medium dog. Zella is not too keen on big dogs at the moment.

Zella is fine with cats and she would also be fine in a home with older children.

Her confidence is visibly growing with each day and she is going to make a lovely companion for someone.

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