Happy end to sad story of young rescue puppy Luna (previously Duman)

This is one of many sad stories that we are delighted to say looks like having a very happy ending.

We are pleased to say that someone has come forward with an offer of a new home in the UK and we are now going through the process of completing the adoption.

Duman – who has since been renamed Luna -was but a babe when she was abandoned and rescued by local animal volunteers in Turkey.

They took her in and bottle fed her from the tiniest of puppies.

She was extremely lucky to make it, but slowly and surely she grew stronger and stronger with each passing day.

Eventually they were able to find her a new home being found with a local professional Turkish family with children.

It is often too easy to find families who are attracted to the aw-shucks appeal of small puppies.

However, it is so saddening to see how often that attraction and appeal disappears once the dog starts to move from puppyhood to young adolescent.

And so it was for Duman.  After a few months Duman was due to be neutered and the family chose to take her to the local shelter for the operation.

If you look at this photo you will see her happy innocent face as she was in the car making that journey totally unaware of what was to come.

Duman on her way to the shelter unaware she is not coming home

However, when the animal volunteer rang the owner the following day to see how Duman was after her operation, she was appalled to learn that they had not returned to collect her.

The owners had decided they didn’t want her anymore.  She was abandoned at five and half months old.

The animal volunteers who first bottle fed her went to seek her out and what they found broke their hearts.

Take a second to look at the photograph of her lying on the floor in the shelter, she had totally given up.

Duman abandoned and feeling totally dejected

What they found was a once happy and lovely young girl now lost and bewildered, totally confused as what has happened to her.

The volunteers alerted Animal Friends of Turkey and we are determined to help her.

We are now busily trying to raise the many hundreds of pounds it will take to get her the paperwork she needs and the transportation to get over to the UK.

We are relying on our many supporters to help us raise the money and we are working hard to grow the number of those supporters so we can do more and faster.

Our next task will be to find her a new loving forever home here in the UK.

duman in kennels 2
Duman is now in kennels but responds well to kindness and attention. She so deserves a loving home

Duman is a medium sized dog currently in kennels and now 7 months old.

She has a lovely lively  nature, has lived with children and gets on with all dogs.

If you feel you could be that special someone check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs then please click this link to read our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines

A home check and adoption fee will apply as with all our dogs.

We have fortunately found someone who has registered an interest in Duman and we are now going through the usual checks and procedures. However, if you are interested in providing a loving home for one of our other rescue dogs then please complete and submit our Dog Adoption Registration form. 

** Duman was the name first given to this lovely young pup when she was taken in but since then she has been renamed as Luna.

Duman as she was before her ordeal