Sociable Cassie so happy in the forever home of her own

Cassie was such a sad and frightened girl who has finally fallen on her feet in a new loving home in the UK. This is her original story …

Cassie is a happy loving girl now that she is safe and cared for.

That is not how she was when she was found by an English couple who spotted her close to their apartments in Fethiye.

What they found was a filthy, frightened and starving girl who did not really know where she was.

Cassie is a beautiful and loving girl

She had no tags and it was clear she was in a lot of stress.

They could not leave her there so they took her in to keep her safe and to offer her some food, water and comfort.

Cassie has settled well into family life and is very easy going

They took her to the vet who found she was on heat and had probably been chased for some distance by a pack of male street dogs. This may have accounted for her stressed state.

She was covered in filth and fleas and she had a blood infection that needed treatment.

Cassie loves her walks and her cuddles

The couple looked after her and it was not long before she settled in and began to feel relaxed. She is now fully fit and healthy.

It was then they needed to looked to find a long term solution for her as they could not keep her. That was when they approached Animal Friends of Turkey to ask for our help.

The couple gave her the name of Cassie and she has settled well into life living with a family.

Cassie is house trained and is fine with strangers

Cassie is around a year old and she has been getting brighter everyday. It has been amazing how quickly she picked up on her new routine.

She is house trained, sleeps through the night without a peep and she loves her walks.

She greets strangers with a waggy tail and has been really calm when visiting the vets.

She eats well and shows no signs of food aggression, and she gets on with the other dogs she is currently staying with.

Cassie cooling off from the hot weather in the water

She is bright and she shows signs that she will respond very well to proper training. She is now being readied for her journey to the UK and she just needs a home where she will be loved and cherished.

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