Gentle girl so deserves her forever family

This beautiful rescue dog was abandoned but now at long last look she has a new happy life in the UK.

We are pleased to say that a family responded to hearing her sad tale and came forward to offer her a home. We processed the adoption application and she travelled to the UK in March to join Luna another of AFOT’s rescues.

Lovely rescue dog Lucy was abandoned after the family who got her as a puppy decided they no longer wanted her anymore and she was put out on the streets to fend for herself.

Lucy was not streetwise and shortly after she was involved in a car accident which led to her being treated at the local vets for her injuries.

After treatment she was sent to recover in the local dogs home.

After a few weeks of recuperation she was returned to the streets but unfortunately the very next day was again ran over.

However,  this time it was much more serious with the car dragging her a distance.

Lucy is such a lovely girl

Lucy suffered horrific injuries including a badly broken leg and wounds all over her body including even her tail,  she was extremely lucky to be still alive.

Unfortunately the only solution was for Lucy to spend the rest of her days in the dogs home as she had no road sense and would inevitably be killed. For a young dog this was no future for her.

Lucy 3
Lucy is just looking for someone to lavish her with love in a safe secure home

AFOT spotted her story and offered their help, their aim always to help animals with little or no future.

This beautiful gentle dog showed such strength and resilience as she recovered from her injuries, scars all over her body from her ordeal and her broken leg that has taken time to mend. She has been so brave.

Lucy 2
Lucy suffered such appalling injuries

Her physical injuries will heal of course and the task of continuing her emotional recovery has been helped along so much by her wonderful foster mummy Tracey in Kalkan.

AFOT are so happy that she has found her own forever home in the UK along with Luna, Lucy and Luna were both in foster care with Tracey and formed a fantastic bond, Lucy was so down when Luna left 3 weeks before her, but they are now re-united best friends again.

Lucy 1
Lucy is recovering to show just what a pretty and wonderful girl she is