Finally the clouds have cleared for Sky with a change of luck

Sky is the sweetest and most affectionate of rescue dogs who is looking for her lucky break.

Sky has come so close to happiness twice in recent months but she was badly let down on both occasions.

This small and loving girl was living in Turkey with a English woman who felt the need to rush back to the UK to escape what she said was a difficult domestic situation.

Sky is such a happy and affectionate girl who deserves a home she can call her own

She took Sky to Haydos and asked them if they could keep Sky safe while she settled back in the UK.

She promised to send for her once she was sorted and Haydos went through the process of preparing her with vaccinations and paperwork in readiness for the move.

After four months the lady did not get back to them and was not answering attempts to contact her.

Sky loves her walks and would make a great companion for the right person

Haydos put out a fresh appeal and this time another lady living in Turkey came forward to say she would be happy to take her but she also needed a few weeks before she could do so.

Cruelly the same thing happened. This person did not come back for Sky and Haydos were also not able to contact her.

Sky, who is just over two years old, was left abandoned in the shelter.

The shelter is no place for a dog like Sky who has been so used to living happily in a home environment.

She is far too young to spend the rest of her life there.

Sky is ready to travel now to the right home in the UK

After these two failed attempts to home her, Haydos approached Animal Friends of Turkey for help.

We heard her story and we could not turn our backs on her.

And so we worked to help find Sky the loving forever home she deserves in the UK.

Sky is a rescue dog who is just desperate for her lucky break

Despite all her troubles, Sky is such a happy and affectionate dog and would make a wonderful companion for the right home.

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