Young Golden Labrador cross Nicholas so happy with his new life in the UK

Nicholas was such a sad, dejected creature when he was found by kind rescuers. He had all but given up on life. The transformation now is beyond belief as this gorgeous boy enjoys his new life with a new family in Somerset. Here is his original story:

Looking at Golden Labrador-cross Nicholas today gives no clue at all as to the poor, poor condition he was found in the day he was rescued.

Nicholas was found wandering the streets on a road out of Fethiye to Uzumlu in an appalling state.

He was emaciated and clearly starving with all his ribs showing as he walked along cowed, dejected and with head bowed.

Nicholas is thriving in foster care and is now in excellent shape

Animal welfare volunteers saw him and immediately alerted the nearby state-sponsored organisation responsible for street dogs to see if any help could be given to him.

They were not able to step in that time due to lack of funds and so the volunteers began a local campaign to raise money for him.

Nicholas was emaciated and skin and bone when he was rescued from the street

This got him off the streets and some immediate veterinary care. After a three weeks at the vets he was moved into local kennels.

It was while he was there that volunteers then approached Animal Friends of Turkey for help in securing a more secure future for him.

We were happy to help and Nicholas came into the AFOT programme and into our foster care network.

He was taken off to the vet after an appeal by rescuers before coming into AFOT care

He was originally found around Christmas time thus the name of Nicholas was given to him by his rescuers.

He has thrived since coming into our foster care and his condition is now tip-top. He loves playing, loves life and is very happy now he has someone who cares for him.

Nicholas is now a happy and playful young lad

Now we need to find him a new permanent home in the UK with a family who can give him the time, care, energy and exercise he needs.

Nicholas is still young and we estimate his age at around two years old. We know nothing of his history before the day he was found in such poor state.

Nicholas will make a gorgeous family pet for somebody

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