Golden girl loving her life with a loving family in the UK

Badem suffered a life of neglect but today she has a family and a new home in Suffolk filled with love and affection. This is her original story:

Loving rescue girl Badem has not known a great deal of loving TLC throughout her life.

There are no signs that she has suffered abuse but it seems her seven years to date have been spent largely outside in the garden with little access to home comforts.

It also seems that her main role in life has been to act as a guard dog by barking when unfamiliar strangers approach.

Badem on the right with one of her friends in foster care

The first six of those years were spent with a Turkish family who eventually decided they did not want her any more.

She was taken in by a nearby lady who looked after her for a year before she had to move away and seek an alternative home for this girl.

None was forthcoming and so one of our Animal Friends of Turkey team members in Turkey stepped in to offer Badem the chance of a happier and more stable future.

Badem is now loving her taste of home comforts and cuddles on the sofa

Since coming into our foster care network we have found her to be loving and extremely responsive to a kind word and to the loving TLC she is now being shown.

She loves her home comforts and is enjoying her cuddles on the sofa.

We have found her to be fine with strangers although at times she can be a little bit wary. She is great with other dogs and so far seems good with children.

Sweet Badem is settling into her new foster home

She has a gentle nature and she will blossom in the way Golden Retriever’s can in a loving, secure home with patient and attentive owners.

Since being in AFOT care Badem has experienced one or two health issues but this appears to have been sorted now.

It may mean she will need some ongoing medication, which the charity would seek to help with.

We believe she deserves this chance and we are hoping that someone will step forward to give this to her.

She has started the process of being readied for her journey to the UK and we believe she should be good to go by around November this year.

Badem enjoys her regular walks now in foster care

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