Shy Lola has blossomed into a loving and playful girl

Lovely Lola was a young puppy alone on the streets and petrified of everything around her.

She was spotted regularly around a hotel in Ovacik looking extremely timid and fearful of everything and everyone.

She flinched when anyone went near and it was obvious she had not eaten for some time.

Lola has turned into such a loving girl

A couple staying at the hotel wanted to do something to help so they contacted the local animal welfare group Animal Aid Ovacik to see if anything could be done to help her.

They in turn contacted one of their regular foster carers who went in search of her.

They found her and took her to the vet for a check up.

Lola was kindly taken in by local animal welfare foster carers

They also kindly agreed to take her into their home while she went through her course of vaccinations to protect her.

She was extremely scared and timid when she first arrived to join the other dogs living with the foster carers.

However, she is now settled and has learned to trust her new surroundings now she has found her new forever home in the UK.

Over the following two weeks she really came out of herself and began to play so well with the other dogs.

She particularly formed a strong bond with three-month-old rescue pup Maisie and the two soon became inseparable playmates.

She is still timid and wary of new people and will stay back until she feels she knows them, and then she will be fine.

She is also timid and wary of young children who bound up to her. This will probably change over time as she learns to trust and to feel secure.

However because of this we sought a home either with a family with no children or older children.

During her time in foster care she has grown into an extremely loving and gentle dog who loves to play. With the right patience and loving care she will make an amazing pet.

Lola has become inseparable from fellow rescue pup Maisie

If you want to learn more about Maisie then please follow this link to read her story – Maisie’s story

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Both Lola and Maisie are now waiting for a new forever home in the UK