PJ was one of the first cats to be helped by Animal Friends of Turkey.

He was abandoned by someone who we believe purposely targeted the home of an AFOT supporter in the hope they would take him in.

They pulled up right outside their apartment complex in a car, opened a door and pushed PJ out before driving off.

PJ was naturally bewildered and lost but fortunately he was spotted and taken in.

We estimate that he was just 4-5 months old at the time.

The task then followed to find PJ a forever home in the UK and thankfully we succeeded.

We were able to rehome him in the home of a lovely lady from Kent and her son.

They already had two other cats and they all got along really well.


Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 20.07.04
PJ making himself comfy in his new surroundings

It didn’t all go smoothly at first though. Just a week after PJ arrived at his new home he escaped and his new family were distraught.

They needn’t have worried though as the little scamp was found safe and well a few days later in a neighbour’s house.

He had gone in through their cat flap where he was found chomping away at the neighbour’s cat’s food. All’s well that ends well.