Rosie saved from near starvation and cruelty finds TLC in the UK

We are delighted that Rosie has found the home she craved and deserves in the UK, as this first photo shows. Immediately below this photo is her original story:

Happy at last – Rosie is now at home in the UK

The capacity for dogs to still trust and offer us love despite the cruelty and suffering inflicted upon them is quite extraordinary.

And there is no finer example of this than in our beautiful and gentle Rosie.

Rosie is still only a one year old but she has suffered so much in her short life to date.

Rosie just needed love and good care

She was found by animal volunteers in Ovacik in a place where she was being kept in starvation conditions.

She was extremely weak and emaciated and her bones were sticking out from her skeletal frame.

On closer inspection the volunteers realised that someone had recently someone had tried to shoot her and her back leg had open wounds.

Incredible as it may seem there was also evidence that poor Rosie had been subjected to cigarette burns around her head.

She was also pregnant. The capacity for men to show such cruelty to poor innocents sometimes beggars belief.

This defencless mite was clearly in agony and not surprisingly the animal volunteers did not hesitate in immediately taking her away from where she was being confined.

She was in such a poor state when she was found

Her rescuers managed to find someone willing to take her in as a foster carer.

She got immediate vetinerary treatment and the work of building her back up began.

Their next step was to approach Animal Friends of Turkey to request that we attempt to find Rosie a new loving home in the UK far away from the place where she had suffered so much.

Rosie is much happier now in foster care

We did not hesitate in stepping forward to agree to this request.

Rosie deserves so much better than she has been offered so far and we know there is a happy, secure future waiting for her somewhere.

Since she has been in foster care she has shown herself to be such a gentle and loving girl.

It is almost as if she knows she is now amongst people who will not hurt her.

She will need a lot of love, careful handling and patience as well as the basics of lots of exercise and good food.

Rosie so deserves a new loving home

She is still young, and in the right hands she can learn to fully trust and to feel truly secure in her new surrounds.

Are you the person to help Rosie

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