Goldie has suffered enough and deserves her happy ever after

Goldie had a difficult life for so long in Fethiye and was hounded daily. Today she is a pampered girl in her new home with a family in Whitstable in Kent. Here is her original story:

Regular visitors to the Kordon area of the beautiful resort of Fethiye over the past three years may well have seen our Goldie.

This gentle Golden Retriever-cross has been living on the streets there close to the MacDonalds Restaurant.

She has had her fair share of troubles there and while the staff at MacDonalds have been good to her not everyone around there has been.

Goldie is a gentle girl desperate for some love and TLC

She has been watched over during this three year period by her own guardian angel in the shape of a animal lover who regularly visits that area.

She went originally to feed another dog only to find that Goldie would turn up to get her share.

We know there are people around there who do not like her or the other dogs in that area. There have been a number of complaints about them.

Goldie on the streets in Fethiye

We also believe that at least on two occasions Goldie and another dog from that area where grabbed and dumped in a different area.

She went missing for quite some time on both occasions.

Both times she eventually managed to find her way back to the Kordon area and both times she was painfully thin and covered in ticks.

Goldie is now in foster care awaiting her trip to the UK

Last year Goldie developed a habit of chasing people on bicycles which was a problem given that she was camped close to one of the main cycle routes. She has also been chasing cats.

This brought her into conflict with more and more people and we believe one of the cyclists decided to inflict cruel retribution on this beautiful girl.

Goldie was spotted one day with horrendous injuries to her tail where it seems someone had tried to hack it off.

Goldie resting away from the hub-bub

She was taken to a vet where a local charity agreed to pay for her treatment. She stayed there a while before being returned to the Kordon.

The problems persisted and things took a turn for the worse when the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down came that closed the restaurants.

She struggled even more from that point and there were still issues for her with some of the people in the area.

In June she was found injured again with a gash on her leg although we do not know how she got it.

Goldie after treatment to her injured leg

Her guardian angel stepped in again and managed to treat her. It was then that she approached Animal Friends of Turkey to ask us for our help.

We think Goldie has struggled long enough and it is time she was found a home of her own where she can finally feel a sense of home and belonging.

Three years on the streets will mean that Goldie will need a patient, caring hand to help her settle.

She is unsurprisingly sensitive when being touched close to her tail and like many street dogs she can react if woken suddenly from sleep.

In the right hands and with the right care, though, she will grow into a gorgeous companion. She needs a home where she can feel secure and where she can learn to truly trust.

Goldie is settling well into life in foster care

She is great with people and is affectionate and loving. With the right training she can get used to bicycles which only became an issue after the tail attack.

There is a huge reward waiting for the right people as Goldie will make a wonderful companion. She just wants to be loved.

Her guardian angel has kindly agreed to foster her for us while we prepare her for her journey to the UK later this year.

She is now slowly getting used to a new routine and to going on walks on a lead.

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