Gorgeous rescue pup saved by an angel of a vet from certain death

Rupert could barely breathe when he was found by a vet suffering in a remote spot in Eastern Turkey. Now he is running free and happy in Minehead by the sea in Somerset. Here is his original story:

Rupert was in a terrible state lying in a remote spot by an industrial estate in an Eastern Turkish town when a vet just happened along.

He was visiting the estate to get his car repaired when he spotted this gorgeous young Red Setter-cross lying among some rubble.

Luckily for Rupert this happened to be the only vet in that part of Turkey who volunteers some of his time to help stricken street animals.

Rupert is now happy in his foster home while he waits for his forever home in the UK

He couldn’t leave him there so he scooped him up and took him to his surgery where he carried out a thorough examination.

He was skin and bone and he had terrible difficulty breathing, and he was running a temperature of 41 degrees.

He was weak and painfully thin and at first the vet feared he may have contracted distemper.

A painfully thin Rupert pictured in the vets after he was found

Fortunately the tests for that proved negative but it turned out that he was suffering from severe pneumonia and he was lacking in strength.

It seems he had been dumped there because he was ill and whoever was looking after him did not want to stump up the vet’s fees.

He is a happy boy with a sweet and affectionate nature

The vet there worked wonders on him and the pneumonia soon cleared up.

The main challenge then was to decide what best to do with him as the vet did not want him to go back out on the streets.

He alerted a local animal welfare volunteer who he knew had helped dogs before in that area with the help of Animal Friends of Turkey.

Rupert on a trip out from his foster home

She contacted us and as soon as we heard his story we knew we had to help.

Rupert has now made the long journey from the East into our foster care network in Fethiye and he is doing amazingly well.

To look at him now you would never realise just how ill he had been.

We estimate him to be just over a year old and he is a wonderful, loving boy with a really sweet temperament.

A terribly thin Rupert with his first meal after being found

Adorable Rupert loves everyone he meets and his tail is constantly wagging.

He is great with cats and with other dogs. He shows no aggression at all as he has a sweet nature despite what he has been through.

He is quite a medium-sized boy who is still a little wary of strangers on first meeting.

His first meetings with children have been great so far, as you can see.

We will continue to assess him and continue to build him up. As time goes by his confidence will grow and grow.

What we need now is a permanent forever home for this darling boy somewhere in the UK.

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