The trust big boy Ruzgar shows in people truly melts the heart

Brave Ruzgar had no future at all but today he is living the life of his dreams after Sketch – the star of the Channel 4 series the Tattoo Fixers – stepped forward to offer him a home in London. The pair are getting on famously. He is Ruzgar’s original story

Ruzgar is a true survivor and to see him now you would know what a brave fight this boy has shown to get to where he is today.

Today he is a happy sociable lad who just loves life.

He is great to be around, is wonderful with other dogs and he just loves to be around people all the time.

Ruzgar is sweet and loving boy despite his difficult past

This is one of the most surprising things about this beautiful boy – the fact that he is so trusting around people after all the things people have done to him in the last.

Ruzgar is the rescue dog who was shot eleven times in the street and left to die for more than two days right next to a café where men casually played cards all day.

The shooting took place in a rural Turkish village notorious for the cruelty they show to street dogs that live in and around the area.

Ruzgar not long after he was rescued from the street where he lay wounded

Eventually a resident alerted a vet who went to find him and take him in.

He found Ruzgar close to death and infection had already crept into his gunshot wounds.

On closer examination he was found to have neck fractures, was severely malnourished and the vet extracted no fewer than eleven gunshot pellets that were embedded in him.

Ruzgar just loves to be around people all the time

He cleaned him up and for the next week he just lay still on an intravenous drip only able to move his eyes.

The vet still see a burning will to live in those imploring eyes and it was this that made him determined to do all he could save poor Ruzgar.

A week later, still unable to move, he was able to take his first mouthful of food.

Ruzgar is great with other dogs and has a lovely calm nature

After three weeks he began to move his hind legs and a few days after that he was finally able to stand and urinate for himself again.

Ruzgar’s plight was alerted to Animal Friends of Turkey, a UK-registered charity based in Brompton-on-Swale, Richmond, by animal welfare volunteers living in the village.

We kept close tabs on his recovery and once he was strong enough, and we agreed to take him into the care of our sanctuary in Fethiye, Turkey.

TV star of Channel 4’s Tattoo Fixer has come forward to give Ruzgar a fabulous home in the UK

There he has been going from strength to strength and he is now integrating well with the other rescue dogs in their care there.

Ruzgar is growing into a big dog and is as gentle as they come.

He eats and drinks well and he is just so happy to finally be in an environment where he feels loved and cared for.

Ruzgar is a special boy and we are determined to find a special home for him as he deserves nothing less.

Ruzgar is waiting for his move to his new forever home in the UK

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