Puppy dumped for behaving like a dog

Bulut is a beautiful and affectionate young Golden Retriever cross who has been left confused and sad after being dumped at a shelter by her owners.

He is just 17 months and it seems that the only crime he committed that resulted in him being abandoned was barking.

He has all the lovely traits of a retriever, gentle, kind and willing, he will make someone a lovely loyal pet and friend for life.

Apparently his owner took him in as a ‘rescue dog’ when he was young theirs was the only home he had known.

Bulut is a loving and affectionate young rescue dog

He was dumped callously at the local shelter in Turkey on New Year’s eve, poor Bulut, he didn’t know what he had done wrong…

He is great with other dogs, every one he meets he is friendly with, he has been good with children that he has met and cats he shows no interest in, nor will he chase them.

He has been left confused and sad since being dumped at the shelter

What Bulut needs is a home with owners who will give him the love, attention, exercise and good food he needs to grow into a fine young dog.

He will make a wonderful companion for the family who have opened their hearts and their doors to him.

Rescue dog Bulut will make a fine and loving companion for a special someone

Bulut is now going through all the veterinary checks and procedures to get him ready to travel to the UK in April. We were lucky enough to find someone to step forward to take him.

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Rescue dog Bulut is looking for happiness in a new forever home in the UK