This gentle sweet girl is heading for a lap to snuggle up in

Lovely Bella has a face that would melt a glacier but she has not had the best of times to date.

This gorgeous girl’s life took a turn for the worse when her owner died leaving her in a home where she was not really wanted.

Bella is turning into the sweetest of rescue dogs

The owner’s husband kept her chained up 24/7 in the garden and while he and neighbours fed her, she was not really cared for.

Then came the day that the family decided it was time to sell the house and Lady had to go.

The neighbours contacted Animal Friends of Turkey for help in finding a place for her and we gladly stepped in.

Bella as she was found chained up in the garden

We moved her to a foster home where she is finally beginning to learn to trust people again and is getting used to being loved at long last.

When she was found, she was badly matted and her fur was full of burrs and fleas.

You could tell by the way she was that she had never really been off the chain since her Mum died.

What are they doing to me – Bella gets a trim

Bella, who was first called Lady when we came across her, had a bad cut on her side that needed stitches but gladly that is healing up nicely now.

Her condition upset the vet and all of us who saw her.

Today she is in a far better place both physically and emotionally. She is turning into the sweetest of dogs, and she is now starting to learn what a ball is for.

She did not know at first how to react to new people but her confidence is growing day by day.

We estimate her age at around three years old and there is evidence that she has had a litter, and probably more than one.

Who could resist such a cute little girl

She has been neutered now and we are going through the process of getting her ready for transportation to a new home in the UK.

We believe Bella will be best suited to a calm home and we believe we have found just the place for her.

She is now sleeping in the house and is getting used to that, and she is going everywhere with her new foster carers.

Bella is getting used to home comforts at long last

She even goes to the beach with them and she is enjoying her little excursions.

Our task was to find the right home for her and we are delighted that someone has come forward with the right home for this lovely girl.

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Poor Bella is desperate for a new home