Pint-sized and partially sighted Teddy is a bundle of fun

This tiny boy was left all alone in the world and left to fight for a living despite losing the sight of one eye. Today this lovable scrap is the apple of someone’s eye in his new home in Hastings. Here is his original story …

Teddy may be a scruffy wee scrap of a dog but you could not wish to meet a more adorable boy.

Teddy is a tiny and lovable bundle of fun despite his looks and despite the fact that he is blind in one eye and only partially sighted in the other.

Not that you would know to see him scampering around the house in his fun loving playful way.

We estimate Teddy’s age at being around three years old and he is only around eight kilos in weight.

Adorable Teddy has the most striking colour colour

He was originally found hiding in a field near to a house that had just been burned out in a fire.

He was found by kind a passersby who took him in and then spent a lot of time desperately trying to find his owners.

He was found wearing a paraband and a harness so it was clear he had been owned by someone.

When he was found he was underweight and filthy and he had no microchip. It is possible that his owner was caught up in the fire although we have had no confirmation of this.

Teddy if the friendliest little scrap you could ever wish to meet

One of our team in Turkey managed to organise a six-hour round trip to rescue Teddy and get him over to Fethiye.

He is living now in foster care but he cannot stay there permanently and so Animal Friends of Turkey was asked to see if we could find that special person who would offer this scrap a loving home.

He has the strangest colour fur which gives him a distinctive and permanently scruffy look but this only adds to his charm and his character.

He is the friendliest of dogs and loves nothing better than a cuddle on you lap.

Teddy loves his cuddles and so affectionate

He also loves his walkies and is great on the lead. In truth his only real issue is that he does like to chase cats but then again he is a Terrier after all – so finding a cat free home will be essential.

Teddy is one of those special dogs that is impossible not to love and we know there is a special home in the Uk just waiting for him.

Teddy is waiting for that special person to open up their hearts to him

So if you feel you could be that special someone who can give Teddy the loving care he needs then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs then please click this link to read our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines

A home check is always made and while there is no adoption fee required, we do ask for a donation with all our dogs to help towards our costs.

If you want to register your interest in Teddy or are interested in providing a loving home for one of our rescue dogs in general then please complete and submit our Dog Adoption Registration form.