Gentle and sociable rescue dog Kayra so happy to be safe at last

Sweet Goldie Kayra was dumped and abandoned but today she is loved and cherished in her new home in Chelmsford. Here is her original story …

Kayra is a beautiful and gentle Goldie who nobody wanted.

She appeared one day on the streets of the small Turkish seaside resort of Calis where she was spotted by animal welfare volunteers.

They kept an eye on her and ensured she had enough food as she settled into her new surroundings.

They noticed she had a brand new ear tag which suggested she had been in one of the nearby shelters before being taken and released to the streets to fend for herself.

Kayra is a loving and gentle girl who is good with everyone

The volunteers became aware that many of the locals there were far from pleased to see yet another street dog come into their area.

It was not long after this that suddenly Kayra vanished and the suspicion was that she had been grabbed and taken off to be dumped somewhere else.

The volunteers became concerned and so set up a widespread social media appeal for information on her.

It was not long after this that they received reports from a local taxi driver that she may have been spotted roaming the streets of the nearby town of Fethiye.

Kayra drying off in the warm sun after a little dip

The volunteers went in search of her and eventually found there.

She was in a terrible state and it was obvious she had not eaten for days. She was skin and bone.

They took her off the street and found a lady who was prepared to look after her for a short while to allow time for a more permanent plan to be drawn up.

Kayra is a beautiful girl who now has her chance of happiness

We were approached at Animal Friends of Turkey and we have agreed to help find her the safe, secure forever home she deserves in the UK.

She is still currently with the same lady while we wait for one of the AFOT foster places to come free.

Kayra is a happy and sociable girl who loves everyone and everything.

Kayra is good with other dogs, cats and also with children

She is great with the other dogs and cats in the home where she is and she also seems good around children.

She took a few days to settle down as her recent past must have been totally bewildering and scary for her but she is now going from strength to strength.

The work has now begun to prepare her for her journey to the UK late Summer this year.

Kayra was shunned by locals and dumped in an area where she struggled

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