Rescue girl Mara is so loving her newfound comforts in the UK

This beautiful girl is now living the life of Riley in her new forever home in the UK – this is her original story

This small rescue dog is looking forward to putting her life of neglect behind and to a new home where she can feel safe and secure.

Mara lived outside at a home in Kayakoy in Fethiye along with a number of other dogs.

She was fed but as with the other dogs none of her other needs were really tended to.

Mara is loving life now she has someone who wants her

The guy who had them clearly realised he was not doing enough or at very least he had lost interest in them.

He made more than one attempt to palm them off by taking them to the back of nearby hotels or restuarants.

Not surprisingly they found their way back to the only place they recognised as home.

Mara is now about three years old and while living there she had a litter of pups.

We are uncertain what happened to the rest of the pups but one them we have named Lulu stayed with her in the garden.

Mara in her new forever home in the UK with her hew playmate

It was at this stage that the owner made yet another attempt to get rid of the dogs and dumped both Mara and Lulu behind the market area in Hisaronou some five kilometres away.

Mara is a small girl with Labrador features

They soon wandered and it was some time before either of them were seen.

In fact young pup Lulu has not been spotted since and the only hope is that someone somewhere took her in.

As for Mara the miracle – she turned up once again back in Kayakoy having somehow found her way back home.

By this time the plight of Mara had become known to animal welfare volunteers operating in the area.

They approached the owner and offered to take Mara away from him and, not surprisingly, he was more than happy to give her up.

We arranged for Mara to move to foster carers in Turkey where she lived is now lived happily in the same area, and respondied well to the love and attention she is now receiving.

Mara spent so long feeling unwanted

She is now about to leave there and will move to a new foster carer this time in the UK. This will be really useful for her as life in a UK home is very different to life they experience over in Turkey.

We are hoping after a period of settling we will then be able to find her a permanent forever home in the UK.

Mara is small and short-legged and clearly has some golden labrador in her mix as this is all too plain from her face and also her nature.

She has come through her ordeal remarkably well and is showing herself to be a loving and affectionate girl who is loving her newfound comforts.

The animal welfare volunteers who rescued her have since approached AFOT to ask us to help in finding a permanent home for Mara in the UK.

We are only too happy to help and now the task is to find the right match for her with a home where she can get the care and attention she needs.

Mara is a loving girl who deserves a new home

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