Sweet Spaniel cross Dottie found the love and TLC she was looking for – ADOPTED

Dottie (now renamed Lyra) is a lovely and affectionate girl who was yearning for a home filled with love.

This small and friendly Spaniel-cross was found lost and bewildered on the beach near Bodrum.

It was clear she was struggling which may have been a sign that she had been previously owned and somehow found herself cast out on her own.

Dottie getting some fuss from AFOT Chair Carol Holbrook

There was evidence that she had recently had a litter of puppies and this may well have been the reason why she was dumped. There were no signs of the puppies when she was found.

She was taken to the shelter but she fared badly in there as she found herself being bullied by the more streetwise and larger dogs in there.

It was then that local animal volunteers put out an appeal for help for this beautiful girl as it was obvious she was not coping.

Dottie just loves her fuss and attention

The appeal was spotted by one AFOT’s regular foster carers and so Dottie was rescued and came into our care.

Dottie is a wonderful girl who just craves attention and fuss. She loves nothing better then rolling over on her back for a tummy rub and a scritch behind the ears.

She is a small girl weighing in around 10-12kg and while she is slightly submissive, she just loves people.

Dottie is a small and beautiful Spaniel-cross

She was estimated to be two years old when ready to travel which was May 2022 when she joined Alison & Lee Edison and her doggy Brother, Humphrey in York. Now known as Lyra, she settled in instantly and it’s so obvious that she truly has found her loving forever home.

Lyra & Humphrey waiting for Daddy to come home
Taking in the beautiful green countryside
Enjoying all the love and attention

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