Bright boy Tommy set to make someone’s world a happier and brighter place – ADOPTED

Tommy has nothing but love and affection to show the world despite the fact that the world has not always been kind to him.

Tommy was very severely beaten by a crowd of locals in the Turkish village of Uzumlu for no other reason than just being there.

A Turkish woman witnessed the attack and came close to being assaulted herself as she stepped in to try and protect the poor Tommy.

Tommy is such a special and loving boy

She managed to get him away from his attackers and took him home before contacting a local animal volunteer she knew to ask for help.

Tommy had to be taken to the vet to have wounds to his head, neck and back treated.

Tommy experiences a rare snow fall in Turkey

And it was after this that Animal Friends of Turkey were contacted to ask for our help in finding a permanent home for this boy.

Tommy is a well behaved and bright boy

Sometimes you just know when a special dog comes along and Tommy is just that – and what a special, special boy he is.

He has a lovely soul and is extremely well behaved. He is not just house trained, he doesn’t even like to toilet in his own garden.

Tommy loves the water

He is very easy going and has such a big heart. He is one of those special soulmates that is easy to fall in love with.

He is very bright and easy to train. He is good on the lead and also great off lead with good recall to a whistle.

Tommy is great on the lead and has good recall

He is great with dogs as well as cats and he gets very attached to the humans who care for him.

It is stunning that he is so loving and trusting despite the cruelty he has seen in his life.

Tommy is one of those special, special dogs with a huge heart of gold

It was imperative we found Tommy the right home so when is a couple who adopted from AFOT previously enquired about him, we knew it would be perfect.

The MacLaughlan’s adopted sweet little Millie through AFOT two years ago and as she had settled in nicely they wanted to give her a brother and when they saw Tommy, read his story and saw what a gentle giant he was, they knew he was just the one for Milly.

Tommy joined them in Scotland in May 2022 and after a couple of days of Milly giving him the cold shoulder, they soon hit it off and are now the very best of pals.

Milly giving Tommy some ‘love’ which he is clearly enjoying by size of that smile
Tommy with Millie, they’re in training to get the perfect side by side photo
– it’s early days!

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