A gentle, bright and beautiful boy

Hugo embodies everything that AFOT is about.  This wonderful boy was born blind and to a life on the streets that he stood no chance of surviving.  AFOT took him and now he is living the life of dreams with a loving, caring family in Manchester.  The regular Facebook posts we see of his transformed life and his antics warms the cockles of all our hearts.  This is his original story:

Hugo is gentle, loving, exceptionally bright and enormously affectionate.

Hugo is special – Hugo is blind.

This wonderful 2-year-old Pointer who was found by a couple wandering the streets of Fethiye emaciated, disorientated and petrified.

We believe he was probably abandoned and, given the habit of street dogs to revert to pack behaviour, we suspect that this vulnerable boy was bullied.

Happily this couple alerted Animal Friends of Turkey to his plight and we stepped in.

Hugo 3

We found him the most wonderful of foster carers who showered him with the care, patience and love he needed where He blossomed and his wonderful character and nature came shining through.

One of the AFOT team and her husband were smitten when they visited Hugo and it was love at first sight and now this wonderful boy is set to make the long 5 day road trip across Europe to a wonderful home in England in time for Christmas, he will be joining boxer sister Ruby.

Hugo 1

Despite his blindness he has proved quick to learn and quick to ensure his disability does not hold him back.


He’s a large boy but no-one has told him that. He loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa at night and he has been known to slowly slide himself on to a lap to get one.

Hugo pot

Hugo melts the hearts of everyone who meets him and he is going to make a wonderful family pet.

He gets on exceptionally well with other dogs and he will always be first to the gate when he hears someone coming.

Hugo 2

Everyone at Animal Friends of Turkey is looking forward to seeing how he grows and develops in his new home.

He has come so far since the day he was found in such an appalling state in such a frightening environment just a few short months ago.

We are all proud of this special boy and it is successes like Hugo that drives us on to want to do more.