Rescue pup Betty wouldn’t say Boo to a goose

Betty would never have survived had she not been rescued. Now her life has been totally transformed after moving into her new forever home on the Borders with Scotland. Here is her original story …

Little Betty the rescue pup is the perfect tiny tot.

She had a home in Turkey but the truth of the matter is she was left so much on her own to wander she was all but a street dog.

Betty spent more time out on the road playing close to speeding traffic than she did in a home.

People living not too far away became more and more concerned for her fate.

Betty now has a bed beside the toastie warm Aga in her new home

They were worried sick that it would only be a matter of time before she was injured.

After several discussions with the owners they agreed it was time she moved on to a home where she could receive better care.

Betty is a sweet and loving little pup

The concerned neighbours took her in but were not in a position to keep her.

This is when they came to Animal Friends of Turkey with a plea for help.

Tiny scamp Betty finds a bag to hide in

We took one look at this diminutive young pup and we could not turn her away.

She is now being cared for by the neighbours who have kindly offered to foster her until we can find her a permanent forever home in the UK.

She is now going through the steps needed to make her ready for travel to the UK later this year.

We estimate her age at around 18 months old.

Adorable pup Betty snuggling up for cuddles on the sofa

Since she has been in foster care she has come on really well and is gaining in confidence all the time.

She is happy that she now has a place she call a proper home where she can stay in all the time, and a garden that is safe.

She is great with the other dogs in the foster home as well as with the cats.

Betty playing with young children in the garden

She is also great with young children and gets plenty of play time with them in the garden.

She is loving her new routine of walks on the lead and she loves nothing better than a cuddle on the sofa.

She is still a little timid but her confidence is growing all the time now that she is being shown the patient, loving care and TLC she needs.

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