Sweet Bentley rescued from certain death now has a loving home

All AFOT dogs are special but none more so than the wonderful Bentley. He has really been through the mill and it tooks months working with him in foster care to help him through his issues. He would always need someone special to give him a new home and he found just that with a family in Doncaster. Here is his original story:

Bentley is a special boy – the perfect companion and the perfect house guest.

He has had a challenging life but he has settled well into life with his UK foster carer.

Bentley’s story is one of those that would melt any heart.

He was left badly hurt and wounded after a dog attack in the remote mountain area where he lived.

Bentley is a wonderful companion and loving life in UK foster care

His plight was shared widely on social media until eventually it was seen by AFOT support Gill Sanderson who took it upon herself to drive out there and track him down.

He has been in AFOT care ever since. Firstly that was in Fethiye before we decided to transport him to the UK to go into foster care here.

Bentley is a sweet boy with a few territorial issues that are being eradicated successfully by his foster carer.

Bentley is such a sweet and happy chappie these days

His feet are still a little painful for him at times as a result of the malnutrition he suffered when he was living in the mountains but these are being managed.

He is benefiting from patient, firm handling and now he understands what is acceptable and what is not he is the perfect pooch.

His issues, like many rescue dogs, have been simply around insecurity and nervousness easily resolved by an experienced dog owner.

Bentley loves his walks

They have been addressed quickly in foster care and the results have been amazing.

He’s great with people and also with other dogs and cats. He is also fine with being left alone in the car or home.

He learns fast and is much happier with clear rules and ‘being a follower’ of someone who shows him the rules. This is true of many dogs and with this in place he can relax knowing his place.

Bentley is brilliant with other dogs and with cats

He is very affectionate and playful and super fabulous in the house.

Bentley is a true easy companion with no chewing, peeing, naughtiness around the house and in fact he is just a gem!

Bentley recovering after his ermergency treatment at the vets after his rescue

He is such a patient boy and is doing really well.

We estimate Bentley’s age to be around three and despite his short legs he adores his regular walks on the lead and is loving the new smells and sensations of the English countryside.

The rewards awaiting the person with the love and understanding he needs will be enormous. He will repay that kindness and love a thousand times over.

Bentley getting some cuddles with his UK foster carer

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Bentley loves his walks and is great on the lead