Sweet and gentle Fin yearned for a home filled with love – ADOPTED

Fin was used as a guard dog, tied up 24/7 in a garden and given the job of barking to warn of intruders. The trouble is he wouldn’t say boo to a goose.

He was kept in a dirty and bedraggled state and there were days when he was without food or water.

Fin is a sweet and gentle boy

The main problem with Fin was that he is just not a guard dog and he failed to bark to keep the boars and unwanted strangers away.

His future was uncertain until animal welfare volunteers managed to offer him the chance of a new future.

Fin came into AFOT foster care and thrived from the love and affection he is was shown.

Fin loves his walks

He was terribly depressed and down from the sadness of his awful life but happily that is all behind him now.

Far from being wary of strangers, Fin just loves people and is great with other dogs, although he will react if barked at by an aggressive male dog. This is fairly normal behaviour though. He is a gentle boy, is good on the lead and he loves his walks.

Fin is loving his cuddles and affection

At almost two when he eventually came to England, Fin is about half the size of a Labrador so he is not very big at all weighing around 17 kilos.

He is a very clean dog and he is not a chewer. In fact he is the perfect house guest.

The thing Fin loves the most is his cuddles and he is very cuddly indeed. It is as if he is keen to make up for lost time having had a previous life starved of affection, something he’s getting plenty of now that he’s been adopted.

Fin joined the Fosters in Rugby in May 2022 and he’s absolutely having a ball.

With his new Dad who he follows around all over
Making himself at home
Looking gorgeous straight from the groomers – just look how bright his fur is!

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