Rescue dog Nishe now smiling as she finds her new forever home (reserved)

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Rescue dog Nishe he has so much affection to give

Loving and affectionate Nishe is a living example of how well rescue dogs can respond to kindness and care.

To say that Nishe had a hard start to life is something of an understatement but ever since she was rescued from her situation last year she has come on in leaps and bounds.

Today she is a healthy and thriving young girl of around three years old living happily with her foster family in Turkey.

She responds so well to the kindness she is now being shown and just wants to give oodles of love and affection back in turn.

Now she is hoping that she can move to the next stage of coming over to the UK to find her forever home. And fortunately someone has already stepped up to register an interest in her. We are now processing that application.

The cruelty of man is sometimes hard to understand and and just as hard to stomach – unfortunately this sweet young dog knows only too much about that.

We don’t know how long Nishe had been trying to survive on the streets of a remote village in Turkey, what we do know is that at some point in her past she may have been locked in a darkened room for a long length of time, one eyes shows signs of this and she is suffering from brittle bones with one of her legs deformed due to breaks that were not treated.

During her time in this village she was subjected to a living hell shunned by the majority of residents there and it’s almost certain she has fallen victim to regular beatings and stonings at the hands of villagers.

Beautiful and gentle Nishe

A kind animal loving lady came across her (along with another 2 dogs)  and knew she had to help before it was too late

She was appalled by what was happening to these dogs and she was convinced that it was only a matter of time before they were  killed.

The lady approached Animal Friends of Turkey asking us to help and even though it is far further than we would normally operate in there was no other option than to help.

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Always smiling

The animal volunteer arranged transport from Cappadocia to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Fethiye where she was taken immediately to the vets.

Her condition was heartbreaking, Nishe was badly malnourished,  covered in parasites and the evidence of her total neglect and abuse was plain to see.

She was given blood tests and fortunately these showed there was nothing wrong that could not be mended.  Nishe is on a course of calcium tablets and other supplements that should see good improvement in her mobility.   Already after only a short time the change in her is incredible.

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Enjoying cuddles

We are now funding her regime of veterinary care and Nishe who we estimate to be about 3 years old will be neutered, chipped and vaccinated before she travels to the UK.

The most surprising and heartrending aspect of this story is that despite the cruelty she has been shown over the years, she is still  so  sweet and affectionate who loves attention and just smiles all the time.

Nishe is  extremely loving, friendly and a  trusting soul and the way she has responded to the kindness she is now being shown has been uplifting and very humbling, she just want’s to belong.

Nishe is coming along so well in foster care and here she is loving the shock snowfall that fell in January

Nishe was rescued with Meg one of our other dogs available for adoption, Meg, the two are quite close, they can be re-homed together or separately, a reduced adoption donation would be available if this were the case.

If you feel you could be that special someone check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs then please click this link to read our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines

A home inspection check  applies with all of our dogs and we always request an adoption donation as a contribution towards the costs of  transport etc.

Someone has reserved Nishe for now but if you want to register your interest in rescue dog Meg or are interested in providing a loving home for one of our other rescue dogs in then please complete and submit our Dog Adoption Registration form. 

Nishe loves to play and here she is making snow angels

Please help

** The cost of treatment and transport inside Turkey for these two and one other poor dog found with them has been substantial.  We have set up an urgent appeal amongst our supporters to help fund this.  To learn more about tis and also about the extent of cruelty these two have suffered, plus the extraordinary lengths Animal Friends of Turkey are going to in order to help them then please click here