Abandoned girl now in clover

Pamuk is the sweetest of dogs but unfortunately her story is one that is too common in Turkey.

She was taken in as a puppy and lived happily with the family until she was just eight months old.

Her owners then decided to abandoned her.  They took her to a shelter where disease was rife.

It seems they did not like her moulting, barking or peeing in the garden. However, as she was never walked this behaviour was hardly surprising.   Little Pamuk had become an inconvenience.

Fortunately a neighbour who knew little Pamuk rescued her from the shelter where they found Pamuk in a distressed state.  She was unwell with infection, her eyes were sad, her tail was down, and she was depressed. 

Her spirit was squashed – the abandonment by the people she loved and the time in the shelter had taken its toll.

We managed to find a foster home for Pamuk and her spirit quickly recovered. We got her neutered, chipped and all prepared for her journey to the UK.




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The next big task was to find a family who were prepared to  give her lots of cuddles and shower her with love.

And happily we found just that and Pamuk made the journey to the UK by road in  October 2018.

She is such an affectionate little dog who only ever wanted to fin some who could return her love. We are so glad we found a happy ending for this sweet little girl.

pamuk roll
Pamuk arrives at her new home in the UK and immediately shows her immediate appreciation
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Lovely Pamuk celebrating her 1st birthday with her new owners in the UK

Very shortly Pamuk will be enjoying her first ever Christmas in a new home, what a Christmas present that is, but even better one of AFOT’s other dogs Lola will be traveling over in December to join her.

Pamuk’s lovely owners have adopted two AFOT dogs, wow what a Christmas its going to be !