Sweet dog rescued from the streets of Oludeniz

Poppy made it to her new home in the UK in the first wave of transports from Turkey after the Covid-19 lockdown. This first photo is her arriving at her new home and what follows it is her original story:

Poppy arriving at her new forever home in the UK

Meet little Poppy – an absolute poppet rescued off the streets of Oludeniz.

We don’t know Poppy’s full history but we do know she found herself living on the streets close to the bars down the main Oludeniz stretch.

We also know she had a litter of puppies at one point and we believe one of those puppies may have been taken in by one of the bars.

Little rescue dog Poppy is loving the TLC she is now getting

We only believe this as Poppy camped herself outside the bar for quite a few days and wouldn’t move, sleeping over the road from it.

It was around this time that she was spotted by Debra, one of the key animal volunteers who try to keep an eye on the street dogs in that resort.

Poppy was clearly nervous and very difficult to get near to but it was plain even then to see what a sweet young girl she was.

Poppy gets on really well with other dogs – and cats

What also became obvious was that her presence around the bars was not entirely welcomed by the restaurant owners.

It was then that volunteer Debra decided to step in to help her.

She took her to the vets to get her neutered and then looked to find a temporary foster home for her with one of her friends while she recovered.

It was shortly after this that Poppy came to the attention of one of our Animal Friends of Turkey volunteers.

Poppy still has many of her puppyish ways

She alerted us and we stepped in with an offer to help find a permanent home for Poppy in the UK.

With the help of the wonderful Oludeniz volunteers, Poppy is now living with a foster carer in Faralya. She is revelling there from being in a home filled with love and affection.

This is bringing out her sweet nature to the full and we are confident that she will continue to blossom if we can find the right match for her in the UK.

Poppy is in foster care in beautiful and peaceful Faralya

Poppy is small and still a very young girl. She still has many of her puppyish ways, being very playful and she loves to chew.

She is dog friendly and she is fine around cats as well.

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