Sweet Teena rescued from a life of cruelty

Teena lived in a cruel world when she was rescued. Today she knows happiness she could never have dreamt of with her new life in the UK – here is her original story:

Sweet little Teena is an adorable young girl who is now just beginning to learn that there is love and kindness in the world.

Teena suddenly appeared when she was dumped and abandoned in the garden of an English couple living in Fethiye.

They awoke one morning and there she was looking forlorn and lost.

And just one look at her was enough to show that her life to that date had been a sad and cruel one.

Teena is a sweet girl who is loving the affection is now receiving

At some point whoever had her had clearly delighted in hacking her ears off.

And from the way she first reacted when they tried to put a lead on her tells us that she has probably spent much of her life tied up.

Teena resting in her new forever home after her 2,500 mile journey from the UK

It was probably while she was tied up that they cut her ears off.

We assume whoever dumped her chose this garden as they knew the couple already had dogs – four of them, in fact, and big ones.

Teena is a small Collie size and is just getting used to a lead

Because of that they did not feel they could keep her but equally they did not want to take her to the shelter.

They thought she deserved better than that and so they approach one of our Committee to ask whether we could help give Teena a future that she could scarsely of dreamed of in her early life.

We think Teena is probably around 18 months old or maybe even a little younger.

We took her in and we have managed to find someone to foster her until we can get her ready to make the journey to the UK and hopefully to her new forever home around February or March 2020.

Teena is happy in the car

She is still very timid but even after a week in foster care she is starting to come around and starting to show signs of trusting.

She is clearly happy where she is now away from her past and never ever stops wagging her tail.

She loves the other dogs there and loves to play with the young pups. She is also comfortable around the cats in the home.

She loves affection and cuddles and she even lets her foster carer stroke what is left of her ears.

Teena is a bonny girl

She is not very tall but has some length to her body and is medium in size. We suspect there is some Collie in her DNA.

She will need someone who is prepared to give her the time and the patience to allow her to grow, to fully trust and to feel fully secure in her new life.

Teena had her ears hacked off at some point in the past but is still beautiful

For anyone who can do that we know already that the rewards will be immense. You can see that in her eyes and the way she so laps up affection and TLC.

So if you feel you could be that special someone for one of our dogs then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs by clicking this link and reading our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines.

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