Adorable pup Lady finds her own happy ever after

This loving and affectionate girl had such a harsh and cruel start to life before she was rescued and brought into AFOT care. Now she is in the UK in North Yorkshire and living a life she could never have imagined possible. Here is her original story …

Lady was born on the streets in an area of Turkey notorious for the way in which locals persecute and hound street dogs.

She was one of a litter of three pups born to a young Terrier and born into a life of little hope or happiness.

Her mother had been around long enough in that area to become very wary of humans as she had seen little in the way of kindness from them.

Lady while waiting to travel to her new home in the UK

Fortunately good fortune came the way of Lady and her two siblings as animal rescue volunteers spotted them and managed to get them to safety.

They tried to rescue their mother as well but she was having nothing of it and managed to evade all attempts to take her in.

The pups were kept safe in a volunteer’s home for six weeks while efforts were made to find homes for them.

Little Lady curling up on the sofa in foster care

It was while they were there that they realised that Lady herself was pregnant and she went on to have nine pups of her own.

Lady’s two siblings were lucky in that they were found foster homes but arrangements for Lady’s foster care fell through.

All the rescue work involved in the cases of these fur babies was carried out by these caring animal volunteers and their foster carers.

Proud Mum Lady with her nine pups

All seemed to be in hand until at the last minute they were left without a foster place for Lady and her 9 pups.

Fortunately a foster angel stepped forward and Lady and her pups were taken care of.

Some of the pups have been lucky enough to find homes but Lady has not been so lucky in finding a home, so after a few months we were asked to help her.

We were happy to oblige and it so happened we had the perfect home for her ready and waiting in the UK.

Lady is one of the lucky ones but we have many more dogs waiting for the right home.

Lady’s two siblings who were found new homes by rescue volunteers

If you feel you could be that special someone check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs then please click this link to read our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines

A home check and adoption fee will apply as with all our dogs.

Mum Lady enjoying a little me time on the sofa