Young Hope brings joy to us all

This is Hope a beautiful 12 week old puppy found living it rough on a beach in Calis Fethiye.

She only survived her early days through the kindness of holiday makers who fed her.

One such holiday maker fell in love with her and on her return to the UK contacted Animal friends of Turkey to see if we could help locate her, and keep her safe until she could travel to the UK

AFOT were over committed with the many animals they were already helping but could see this puppy stood little chance of survival once the season ended a few weeks later.

Hope beach
Hope when she was tracked down on the beach

So we decided to step up and offer our help. The lady in the UK named her Hope as she said Hope brought people together.

An AFOT supporter went out searching for her and happily managed to track her down.

We found a foster carer for the young girl but unfortunately after 3-4 days Hope began to show signs of being unwell.

She was taken to the vet who diagnosed that she had contracted the dreaded disease Parvo.

Hope poorly
A few days later she fell extremely ill with deadly Parvo

The UK lady who had offered Hope a home was avidly raising funds to help AFOT with costs.

She was devastated when we had to tell her that Hope may not make it, as indeed we all were.

Hope vet
The vets tried various new approaches to help pull her through

Her distraught foster mummy went down twice every day to the vets to spend time with her and to ask her to keep fighting.

This beautiful 12-week old puppy had her whole life ahead of her….. everyone was willing her to keep fighting and pull through.

Hope cage
Slowly but surely she showed signs of recovering

AFOT did everything to try to save this little baby.  The local vet offered round the clock care for Hope and also offered some ground breaking techniques in an attempt to help her through.

Hope brave
She got plenty of TLC to help her along

The help of a homeopathic vet in the UK was also sought out and her advice and treatment options acted on quickly.

Against all the odds Hope survived and five days later she was able to return to her foster carer and her little puppy friend Maisie who is also on foster.

Hope with vet
Happily Hope pulled through and will be travelling to the UK

Hope continues to make good recovery.

She will be starting all the necessary injections very soon to enable the travel process to begin

The lady Alison in the UK who has offered Hope her forever home continues to fundraise for Hope.

Hope’s future is certainly bright.

Hope certainly did bring people together.

Hope better
Hope is going from strength to strength