Lovely natured rescue dog has found her loving home

Beauty is so happy in her new loving home in the UK.

Her story however is one of hardship but sadly it is also one that is only too common a story for rescue dogs in Turkey.

Beauty – began life as a street dog along Çalis beach in Fethiye, a street life is a hard life, trying to survive the daily pitfalls and keep away starvation.

She was struggling and was taken in by an animal volunteer in the area and they arranged to place her in the local shelter where she remained for around a year.

Beauty wasn’t happy there and eventually she managed to break free and went back to the areas she had known but shortly after sadly she was run over by a car.

She sustained a number of injuries from that accident including a broken right back leg.

Beauty 4
Beauty began her life as a street dog and now needs be rehomed

She was helped by the local street charity who operated on her broken leg and was taken into safety in one of their dog Parks to aid her recovery. Gradually got stronger and stronger and more and more mobile.

When she was deemed fully recovered she was taken back to the streets of Calis Beach once again.

Beauty repays the kindness and care she receives by giving back so much love

Unfortunately, while she was on the streets she started to have further problems with her leg.

She was spotted by a kind animal volunteer who could see she was struggling, and so she took Beauty to the vet to get attention.

An examination there revealed that the plate that was inserted in the initial operation had broken.

This meant that she needed a second operation to put it right.  The volunteer monitored her throughout her treatment and afterwards decided to take her in as a foster Mum.

Animal Friends of Turkey were asked to help as foster mummy was desperate to ensure that this sweet girl was not forced to endure life on the street yet again.

We offered our help and Beauty has been living happily in her foster home with three other dogs since August but now is ready for her own forever home, she is due to travel to the UK in March 19.

Beauty 3
Rescue dog Beauty loves her walks and is great on a lead

Beauty is a really lovely dog , estimated to be 3 years old well-behaved, the foster mummy says she is a perfect house guest… She is excellent with all other dogs.  She is a bright confident young girl who will thrive in her own home, infact we are told she is a little bit lazy now she isn’t having to survive on the streets!

We are so happy that Beauty has found such happiness in her new home in the UK.