Loving rescue dog hounded by locals now has a loving home

Tinker is a lovely and loving young Collie-cross who was rescued from a place where he was constantly harassed and bullied by locals.

His only crime was being a stray and being a dog that constantly hung around homes where he thought he might get scraps.

Tinker was spotted by a kindhearted lady who lives nearby, and who saw Tinker regularly on her walks. She often stopped to give him some fuss and began bringing food for him as well.

Tinker is a handsome young Collie-cross

With the consent of one or two people living close by to where Tinker roamed she organised for a kennel to be built to give him some shelter.

However, she soon realised that there was a side to Tinker’s life that was making him desperately unhappy.

At first she thought it was probably the fact that the kennel was quite close to a main road that was constantly noisy.

However, she later learned that it was more likely to have been the fact that a number of locals constantly mistreated and bullied him in the hope of hounding him away from there.

Our kindhearted Samaritan decided one evening while she sat and stroked him that she needed to do more for him. She organised a van and immediately transported Tinker and kennel to her own place.

Since then she has been giving him love, care and attention and he has been living with her and her other rescue dogs and cats. He has begun to blossom.

Tinker is a cute and loving rescue dog

He is still a little nervous when meeting people for the first time but he is slowly coming out of himself. He is slowly learning to trust after so long of seeing the ugly side of human nature.

He is loving and affectionate, and he loves to play with the other dogs. He is also very cat friendly, and he loves his walks and running free.

We estimate that Tinker was close close to 18 months old when he traveled to the UK.

His rescuer is happy to keep him safe and cared for until the time comes for him to depart for a new happy life in the UK.

Tinker has found a family that will be able to give him the time and patient care he needs to grow in confidence. And we are delighted for that.

He is an intelligent boy and is showing good signs of responding well to training.

He loves nothing better than a cuddle on the sofa and he is yearning to belong, and to repay kindness with affection.

He shows all the signs of being a loyal and loving pet as is often the characteristic of the Collie breed.

He does not live with children but he seems fine with them when meeting them on his walks, albeit he can be a little bit nervous of them if they are new to him.

Tinker will make a wonderful and loyal companion

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