Abandoned Tina is on her way to a new and happier life

Tina was found lost and bewildered having been dumped on the streets injured and left there to fend for herself.

We believe that diminutive rescue pup Tina began life in someone’s home.

We don’t know the full story but at some point she was abandoned to the streets of Antalya.

We suspect it might have been because she had an injury to her leg and her owner wanted to avoid the cost of a vet’s bill.

She was found in a distressed state by a Dutch woman who was on holiday in the area.

Tina relaxing in her AFOT foster home with one of the many resident cats

She fed her and became so concerned she contacted Turkan of Haydos in Fethiye, someone she had met during a previous holiday over that way.

She said she wanted to pay to take Tina back to live with her in the Netherlands but needed somewhere safe for her stay while preparations were made.

Out of the goodness of his heart, Turcan arranged to transport Tina across to Haydos in Fethiye to get her properly treated and cared for.

Tina gets on well with other dogs and is happy to make herself at home

While with him, Tina had her leg fixed and that is now all fine. Haydos also ensured that she had all the necessary vaccinations done in readiness for her trip across Europe.

Unfortunately though, there was to be no happy ending for Tina as the Dutch lady who rescued her never returned to collect her.

Tina is a sweet and affectionate young girl

This left Haydos with the conundrum of what to do with this lovely girl as they did not want her to spend her life in the shelter.

It was at that point that they contacted Animal Friends of Turkey for help in the hope that we could help find Tina a new forever home in the UK.

We heard her story and we could not fail to be moved. After some brief discussions the AFOT committee decided to move Tina on to the waiting list of dogs we are now seeking to rehome.

We have moved her into a new temporary foster home where she will be cared for and fully assessed for both child and cat friendliness.

Tina is waiting for her happy ending

Happily we have found someone who has stepped forward to open their hearts to this sweet and affectionate little girl.

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A home check is always made and while there is no adoption fee required, we do ask for a donation with all our dogs to help towards our costs.

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Tina is a calm, loyal and playful girl – she just needs a home