Bullied girl finds her forever home

No-one knows the full story of this beautiful black Pointer cross.

Tootsie was abandoned to the streets and we suspect she had previously been living with a family.

When she was found she was only around 6-7 months and she was certainly not street-wise.

She just appeared one day and was regularly attacked and bullied by the other street dogs in the area.

We managed to rescue her from the streets and we found a foster home for her with one of the army of the generous warm-hearted ex-pats living over in the Fethiye region.

She was neutered and chipped and soon settled into her new foster home.

She was extremely friendly although she could be very wary at times with certain people.


She was a happy girl who she got into the habit of sneaking into her foster Mum’s bedroom in the morning and gently creeping on to the bed to encourage her to get up.

We were thrilled when we eventually found a family in the UK who took Tootsie to their hearts.  It was a family that was prepared to give this gorgeous girl the good exercise she needs to focus her intelligent and energetic mind.

Tootsie 2

Here you can see her getting some fuss on her journey across Europe from one of our transport team.

Tootsie 1

Tootsie made the trek across the roads of Europe in late October 2018 to join her family and help us chalk up another success.  Here you can see her settling into her transport cage before she set out from Fethiye.

And below you can see the result and the one we were all so desperate to see – lovely Tootsie running free and happy with her new family in the UK.

This video shows her being let of the lead for a run in the park just over two weeks after her arrival in the UK.  What a life she has now compared to the squalor of her life on the streets.