Trojan the sole survivor from a little of 11 has got his chance of happiness

Brave Trojan is a one-off and such a lucky, lucky boy. He was one of 11 pups brought into our care in such appalling condition and so so poorly. He was the only one to survive and thus his name of Trojan. Today he is living in the UK with his new family near Kingston-upon-Thames. Here is his original story …

Trojan is a warrior – a boy so determined to hold on to life against all the odds and live.

The loveable bundle of fluff was one of 11 pups born in freezing cold conditions on a mountain side above a village renowned for its hostility towards street dogs.

They were found in minus degrees huddled together in the snow by an animal welfare volunteer and all 11 were close to death.

They were taken off the mountainside but there was nowhere for them to go, and that was when we got the call for help at Animal Friends of Turkey.

Trojan has grown into a lovely boy

The pups were hours away but we knew if we did not answer the cry for help then we would be sentencing all 11 pups to die. We could not do that so we arranged to have them all transported to our rescue network in Fethiye.

This was back in December 2020 when the dogs were still only around two months old and they were in appalling state by the time they arrived. Indeed one of them died on the journey across.

They all went straight to our vets and the rest were all gravely ill and by the morning another was critically ill. It was then that our worst fear was confirmed when the vet informed us that the poor pups had contracted the deadly Parvovirus.

They received around the clock care as the fight began to save them but over the course of the next two weeks a further eight pups sadly passed.

Trojan is now growing into a the most loveable young boy

This left just two fighting to survive and if their fight against Parvo was not enough, the vet discovered that they were also suffering from Distemper.

After a struggle for life one of the remaining two also slipped away meaning we had lost ten of the 11 pups despite our huge effort to save them. We were devastated.

This left just Trojan and it was touch and go whether he too would make it through.

But this little boy is a fighter and he hung on until eventually he began to grow in strength and he fought his way back to full health.

Trojan loves to play with the other dogs in care

Trojan is now just over a year-old and he is going from strength to strength in our Sanctuary in Fethiye.

He has settled extremely well there and is loving life with the other dogs in our care.

Trojan was a scrap of a thing when he first arrived with but he is now 19kg and still growing.

Trojan is looking for his special family

He is fully recovered from his ordeal and now he is just waiting for his chance to move to the UK and to his new forever home.

Trojan is special and we are determined to find him that special family who can give him the life of his dreams. He deserves nothing less.

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