This handsome lad loves life now he has been rescued

Archie is a proper charmer who is one of life’s true survivors.

This young boy first came to our attention earlier this year through another rescue agency.

He was one of three young puppies and while the other two found homes poor Archie did not.

He was abandoned to the streets and unfortunately for him it was in a remote village that had low tolerance for street dogs.

Archie is looking for his forever home in the UK

It was not long before it appears this poor mite caught the edge of a shotgun blast. He was found by animal welfare volunteers with pellet wounds to his head.

The wound was festering and they immediately swept him up and took him to the vet.

He was cleaned up there and after x-rays the vet decided that it would be too dangerous to remove all of the pellets embedded in his head.

Look at me – such a handsome chap am I

He has since recovered fully and it is clear that the pellets are causing him no pain and no issue.

This all happened last March and today he is a happy, friendly and outgoing young dog.

The group that rescued him contacted Animal Friends of Turkey back then to see whether we could do anything to help him.

Archie loves people and is happy in his foster home

We were extremely stretched at that time and did not have the capacity to step in. However, we decided to keep a check on his progress.

They were not able to find a home for him and he had been living in kennels since then with no real prospect of that situation changing.

The AFOT team decided we could stand on the sidelines no longer and so we stepped in to help.

Ar hie is such a happy rescue dog

The first thing we did was to get him moved out of kennels and into temporary foster care with one of regular foster carers.

He settled in there very well and he got on really well with the other dogs there including our very own Heidi.

And we are delighted to say that someone has stepped forward to give him the chance of happiness in a permanent loving home of his own in the UK.

Archie deserves to find his happy forever home – please help him

Archie, who was named after Prince Harry and Meghan’s new baby, is great company who loves being around people.

He is great on the lead and loves his walks and he responds well to the kindness and care he is now receiving.

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