Gorgeous rescue dog Meg just wants to belong

If you were to see Meg the beautiful Pointer cross today you would have no idea that she has known such cruelty in her life.

Meg is today in a her new home in the UK and is thriving in every way. She responds so well to the love and kindness she is now being shown and she gives back so much affection in return.

She is an adorable pet and companion and she has been waiting so long for the call that says she has a new forever home waiting for her in the UK.

And we delighted that this call has finally come and to a home that reunited her with Nise, her companion who suffered just as much alongside her.

We went to visit her recently and she was gentle and loving and she clearly loves her cuddles. She was as good as gold on the lead when we went for a walk and it is clear she so appreciates the TLC she is now receiving.

Beren is such a loving girl who loves her walks and her cuddles

This beautiful and regal rescue dog is a survivor and she has needed to be.

Lovely Meg – as she was named by her foster carers – was found struggling to get by in a remote village of Turkey where she was shunned and subjected to severe cruelty.

We do not know for how long she had been there but when she was found she was struggling, starving and so very sad.

We think at some point she may have been removed from somewhere and ended up in a government shelter before being released to this remote area to fend for herself, as too often happens.

During her time in this village she was subjected to a living hell shunned by the majority of residents there.  It is almost certain she has fallen victim to regular beatings and stonings at the hands of villagers.

A kind animal loving lady came across her and her canine companion Nishe and knew she had to help before it was too late.  Little Nise had to ensure the same levels of cruelty at the hands of villagers and you can see her story by clicking here

She was appalled by what was happening to these dogs and she was convinced that it was only a matter of time before they were killed. She decided she had to do something to rescue these dogs.

meg in cappadocia
Trying hard to survive in a remote village

The lady approached Animal Friends of Turkey asking us to help and even though it was in an area far further than we would normally operate in there was no other option than to help.

We heard her story and had to intervene.

The animal volunteer arranged transport from Cappadocia to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Fethiye where where rescued dog Meg was taken immediately to the vets.  Animal Friends of Turkey funded the transport and have taken over responsibility for her veterinary care.

Her condition was heartbreaking.  She was badly malnourished,  covered in parasites and the evidence of her total neglect and abuse was plain to see.  However, after blood tests they confirmed that apart from her poor condition she was fine.

Meg with mike and sue so much happier
Meg so happy to be safe

Meg is a black Pointer cross who is quite a tall leggy girl with white patches.  She is very statuesque and beautiful, we think she has had multiple litters.

We are now funding her regime of veterinary care and Meg who we estimate to be about 3 years  old will be neutered, chipped and vaccinated before she travels to the UK.

We were desperate to find someone who is prepared to adopt this special rescue dog and to offer her a loving home in the UK.

And we were thrilled when the kind lady who had adopted her companion Nise, AFOT Committee member Cathy, came forward to say she would like to give Meg a home and a happy future in the UK.

Meg 1
Meg loving the attention

The most surprising and heartrending aspect of this story is that despite the cruelty she has been shown, she is still so sweet and affectionate and she loves loves nothing better than trying to cuddle you.

The way Meg has responded to the kindness she is now being shown has been uplifting and very humbling, she really is a very beautiful kind dog.

Meg 3
Meg wanting to give cuddles

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