Umut is big but gentle soul whose story and success made him something of a poster boy for Animal Friends of Turkey when the charity was in it’s early days.

Umut’s story is a sad one. He was found when he was only a few months old. He had been severely abused, he had ligature marks around his neck and it’s almost certain that he had been tied up constantly.

When he was found he was not able to use his legs properly due to the abuse.  His entire neglected body was covered in parasites, and for months he dared not look at any human for fear of being beaten.

Just a few short months later, and with lots of tender loving care delivered by his foster carers, he slowly started to trust again. And what a beautiful dog turned out to be.

He remained wary of humans and strangers although he showed no aggression towards them. But you could see that slowly but surely he began to trust just a little bit.

Umut is a large breed Kangal-cross.  The Kangal is an indigenous breed native to Turkey and it is protected under Turkish law.  For instance, it is illegal to take a pure breed Kangal out of the country.

One of the specific characteristics of this working dog breed is that they are well known for their lovely temperament.  They are gentle, loyal and highly protective of their family. 

Having settled him down the task then shifted to finding someone in the UK prepared to take on this wonderful gentle giant and continue his journey of trust.

After repeated calls for help and some homes applying that were not suitable we eventually found the perfect home.

Umut arrived in October 2018 to the lovely North Yorkshire region, he now has his own family who all adore him.