A desperate plea from a playful rescue dog (Reserved)

Not many dogs could have had a worse start to life than this handsome rescue dog Mutlu (formerly known as Umutlu).

He was found in a heartbreaking state and rescued by three wonderful ladies in the shape of Gill Sanderson, Mandy Evans and Valerie Taylor.

He was found literally on the brink of death as you can see by this sad photograph below.

He was suffering from malnutrition and distemper, just skin and bone and the fight appeared to have all but left him.

Rescue dog Umutlu was found in appalling condition by three ladies who got him to a vet

None of us thought he would make it but against all the odds he did and we are happy to say that today he is thriving.

The reason for that is mainly due to the pure dedication of his foster mummy Gill Sanderson.

Umutlu was on a drip for over two weeks and very slowly with the help of further medication and special food he started to gain strength and put on weight.

Since then Umutlu has gone from strength to strength and today he is the most beautiful handsome rescue dog. 

And we were thrilled when someone came forward to offer him a new loving home in the UK.

Rescue dog Umutlu has blossomed in a handsome young boy and is in great condition

He loves other dogs and today he has many doggy friends that he likes to play with.

He is also great with children and good with cats and he loves human contact too. He can be protective of his food at times but many dogs can be.

He has not lived inside a house yet as his foster mummy has many cats, some of which are blind and the house is small. He does sleep happily in the conservatory though.

Umutlu is approximately two years old and now weighs about 30kg.

Umutlu is now in wonderful condition thanks to the love and care he has received

He is now looking in great condition and he has made the move to the UK to begin a new life with a family that can give him the time, care, love and patience that he deserves.

And we are delighted to say that a family has already come forward to offer Umutlu a new home and we are processing that application now.

He has lots of energy and will need long walks. He would also benefit from some training.

Umutlu so so deserves a very special family and and lots of love.

As you can see from the photographs, he has fully recovered to become a healthy and truly handsome young man. He is ready to travel now to the UK and was just waiting for someone to reserve him.

Thankfully that has happened.

Sadly the distemper affected his eyesight and there continues to be a small impairment to his vision.


He loves to play, to go for walks on the beach, Umutlu is just full of life. If you adopt Utmutlu you will have a friend for life.

umutlu 1

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