Rescue dog Billy shunned for chasing chickens

Billy has left his life in Turkey behind and is now living a happy and fulfilled life in the UK. Here is his original story …

Billy is a lovely young rescue dog who is in desperate of a new loving forever home in the UK.

Billy began his life living with a taxi driver and his family in Ovacik, Fethiye. As is so often a familiar story, Billy got on fine there while he was a young pup but by the time he was four months old they were tiring of him.

They dumped him on the streets and it looked as if that was the life he was destined to.

However, he soon ran into trouble after he and another street dog were suspected of chasing and harassing chickens belonging to locals in the area.

They wanted them out and their response was to catch hold of this young dog and chain him up for hours on end.

Billy is looking for a new home

Fortunately Billy came to the attention of a kindhearted couple who took it upon themselves to help young Billy.

The first thing they did was to arrange for him to go into the vets to be neutered. They then found him a temporary carer who could keep an eye on him to ensure he did not get into any more scrapes.

However, it was obvious to them that a more permanent solution was needed to ensure that Billy was safe and secure. They still felt that he was under threat from locals who just did not want him around.

This was when they approached Animal Friends of Turkey to see if we could help, and we were happy to step forward to see if we can find him a new forever home in the UK.

Billy is estimated to be just over a year old now and he is great with other dogs. He is house trained and affectionate. He is still getting used to walking on a lead.

He has many of the personality traits of a young terrier and can bark occasionally but not excessively. He is quiet at night and sleeps well.

We are delighted that Billy has now found his happy ever after home in the UK.

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Billy loves fuss and attention